Friday, October 31, 2014

Finding my way to the MLB

          In order to become a Major League Baseball player I need to have personal goals. Some of my personal goals are to perform good in school and have a high GPA, play college baseball, become a good communicator, and to continue to build up my skills. My English class academic goals are to become better at communicating in front of crowds because if I reach my passion I will have to be able to communicate to the public without being extremely nervous. Another English goal that I have is to become better at reading. This falls hand and hand with being a good communicator because if you know how to read proper grammar it will reflect in the way that you speak to the public too. My final English goal is to finish the class with an "A" grade because if I expect to go to a good college to play baseball I have to have good grades because if I don't college scouts won't look at me.
          I can contact many people to learn more about my passion. I can contact my coaches who have played baseball at the minor league level as part of a professional team's organization. I can also talk to a couple of trainers that I have that have played at the major league level and in major league team organizations. These people help me with the fundamentals that I need to play at the top level and they help me with my knowledge of the game.
           Five questions that I would ask someone who had the experience to play at the major league level are: What are some big tournaments that college scouts are usually at? How many baseball scholarships are given out each year? In order to be a division 1 prospect how hard do your need to throw? What do some baseball playing colleges offer for academics? What are the top 25 baseball playing colleges in the country?

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