Friday, October 31, 2014

Passionate about baseball.

My passion is baseball. I have many goals for my future in baseball. To play on a good college team, to go to the major leagues, and to maybe make it to the hall of fame and I know that none of the tasks will me easy. I want to peruse this passion because I like today the game of baseball. I love everything about it to the walk off home-runs to the diving plays in the field.
The sport is nowhere near easy like everyone says it is. In all honesty it wears you down mentally just as much as it does physically. You need to know what to do in a bunt situation on the field or if your the batter where you need to hit the ball so that runners could advance and to put your team in the best possible position. If you mess up once that could be the difference between your team winning the game of losing it. This is what makes the sport so fun in my opinion, you always have to be on your toes and ready for what ever comes your way. Just like life, if someone throws you a breaking ball to got to do all you can to fight it off or put it in play.

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