Monday, November 10, 2014

Answers to 5 Questions

          In my last blog I asked myself five different questions about baseball. They were, What are some big tournaments that college scouts are usually at? How many baseball scholarships are given out each year? In order to be a division 1 prospect how hard do your need to throw? What do some baseball playing colleges offer for academics? What are the top 25 baseball playing colleges in the country?
          I did research on the questions and I found out the answers to them. A big showcase tournament in the country is Perfect Game USA. At a perfect game tournament you are evaluated by your physical ability. So if your a field player you are evaluated on the five tools which is hitting for power and contact, fielding/range, speed, and arm strength. If your a pitcher you are evaluated on arm action, delivery, and your selection of pitch. Some showcase tournaments attract hundred of scout and college coaches.
          About 11.7 scholarships are given our for D1 baseball schools and they have to split them to up to 30 players. So you will most likely not get a full scholarship to play baseball at a D1 baseball school. They're are about 297 D1 schools playing baseball right now. D1 recruiting is also tricky because a lot of scholarship money is promised to players who turn it down in the 11th hour for a professional contract.
           In order to be a Division 1 prospect you need to throw 85 mph and up for every position. However, it needs to be consistent and verified by a reliable source. For a pitcher it's even harder because you need to throw around 92 and up consistently if you want to be a starter and you need to be able to throw a lot of innings. A catcher mp needs to have a POP time of 1.95 seconds. In other words they need to throw the ball from home plate to 2nd base in 1.95 seconds or less. You also need to be a fast runner if your a fielding player, you need to be able to run the 60 yard dash in 6.9 seconds if your and infielder and 6.8 seconds if your an outfielder in order to be a D1 prospect. Some of the top D1 playing baseball schools are Vanderbilt, Virginia, Texas, Ole Miss, TCU, and Louisville.

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