Sunday, November 16, 2014

Contact Coaches that have had this Job

Me: Hey coach, I'm calling you to inquire what it takes to become a Major League Baseball player. Do you have a moment to speak with me?
Me: I was wondering, in the winter when it's cold how can you make up for not long tossing?
Coach: Weighted ball for throwing, pitch back, fielding, weights (full body program) not heavy weights 8-12 pts. (Randy) no barbells, yoga (flexible)
Me: How fast does a center fielder need to run the 60 yard dash in to be a top college prospect?
Coach: 6.6-6.8 seconds running sprinting strength, hill or stadium step running, track training.
Me: What do colleges look for in baseball players besides skill?
Coach: Grades athleticism, fit into programs physically, and needs (positions)
Me: Do you recommend more than one sport in college?
Coach: It's almost impossible to play more than one sport in college if you go to a big school.
Me: What do I need to work on so that I can make it to the major league level?
Coach: Speed, long toss, bigger, fast, stronger, and in terms of skill keep facing people who are better than you.
Me: What type of diet would I need to have?
Coach: High protein

For this part of the assignment I can talk to multiple people if I feel like it is needed because I know a lot of people who have gotten the chance to play Major League Baseball or got a chance to be in a major league team's organization. I think that this part will allow to to gather good information about what it takes to make it to the major league level because I am going to be answer questions inbetween my main questions to gather as much information as possible.

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