Sunday, January 18, 2015

Pitch Day Reflection

My pitch day experience was exactly how I expected it to be. Even though, I wasn't expecting to be nervous but right before the presentations started I began to get a little bit of butterflies. However, those went away when I began to speak to my first audience member, Mr. Brandon Lillie. He helped me because he allowed me to experience what the rest of my presentations should be like. When I presented to him I relized things that I needed to add and take out so that e presentation could be as best as it could be.
I think that the pitch day was cool and a good experience. It allowed the class to open up ourselves and learn how to talk in front of people that we don't know which is helpful for life. One thing that I leaned while prevention is that no body really notices when you mess up during the presentation al long as you improvise and make it flow and make sense still. I also learned that audiences listen to you if your presentation is interesting and intriguing. That also allows them to ask more questions if you are interesting because they will want to learn more. Finally, I learned that even though I can be a shy person I never really get nercious to speak in front of people I don't know.

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